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446 members, led by Dr Satan Karl - updated 5 day(s) ago
Group for the fans of beheading!
306 members, led by TheChokersBack - updated 5 day(s) ago
This room is for all that '' Just love to be strangled or Suffocated Real Slow''.....
521 members, led by G - updated 5 day(s) ago
Also sometimes known as the 3rd sex, I have found that many tg girls also have this desire to be hanged, bagged or executed in one way or another. This group is basically for "girls" who fantasize about such things, and the people who would love to help them out and don't discrimin...
75 members, led by DanTar Tar - updated 5 day(s) ago
In this group DanTar I am sharing my non profit photos, to those interested in following my work. I am looking for your feed back,so I can improve future photos for you my fan. I want to know what you liked or disliked about a photo you are looking at of mine- please go easy. This group is a p...
8 members, led by JamieSparks - updated 5 day(s) ago
For those slaves that just want to feel needed.
190 members, led by MICHELLE ROBERTS - updated 5 day(s) ago
Feel free to share any photos or photo manips you have. They must be of females being killed or eaten. No anime or drawings please.
393 members, led by KP Player - updated 5 day(s) ago
Fun with BALLGAGS. Post pics of your favorite ballgags and of ballgags in use. If you have stories or info on ballgags post here. . . . . .
108 members, led by Richie - updated 5 day(s) ago
For sacrificial victims who want to be sacrificed by FEMALE priestesses! And for Priestesses who love to tear the beating hearts out of their MALE victims!
409 members, led by Ⱦ₣₫ - updated 5 day(s) ago
In the realm of fantasy I behead women. It's my thing!! Am not interested in the slightest for guillotine or block, I knife their throats they go OLKKK GLAKKK GLOKKK. Heavier the gurgle harder my dick gets. Fucken love it. The worse thing is when you get a light gurgler. BAD!!! A waste hacki...
416 members, led by Toesties Arpesa - updated 5 day(s) ago
Suspensiones,bondage ,beheading y manipulaciones de solo mujeres
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