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666 members, led by G - updated 4 day(s) ago
Also sometimes known as the 3rd sex, I have found that many tg girls also have this desire to be hanged, bagged or executed in one way or another. This group is basically for "girls" who fantasize about such things, and the people who would love to help them out and don't discrimin...
309 members, led by Delish Media - updated 4 day(s) ago
Ah, the preparation of a girl 'on the hoof' before the feast day... She is fattened up in a cage, or slowly made more round and curvy by a clever cannibal boyfriend, girlfriend, casual friend, teacher, boss, husband, etc. Her body blossoms into delicious and tasty curves of RIPE, tende...
1777 members, led by Steve Borgan - updated 4 day(s) ago
A place to find some excellent pics of fetish hanging! Plus some historical discussion..
357 members, led by Lucifer Donald - updated 4 day(s) ago
This is a group which promotes Videos and pics of woman strangled With scarf every people can upload scarf strangle pics or discuss about strangling related with scarf.
344 members, led by Anne - updated 4 day(s) ago
This group is for people that prefer knives to other methods of killing and injuring people. All those that like feeling the skin slowly giving way for the blade to slide in. And also the people that would like knives to be used on them rather than someone shooting them. Cutting is just much more...
263 members, led by Sissy Bitch - updated 4 day(s) ago
This group is for all sissy crossdressers and other Tgirls that want or need to be Torture and Killed. Of course Tgirl killers are more then welcomed too. All Tgirls think about torture and being kill sooner or later so it`s time to do something about it.
58 members, led by Nightliner - updated 4 day(s) ago
für alle die Füsse zum ( Fressen ) gerne haben!
22 members, led by Ironedcock - updated 4 day(s) ago
Group for the people who like ironing naked
130 members, led by John Locksmith - updated 4 day(s) ago
This is a group for men interested in the subject of suicide. Let's exchange our phantasies and only phantasies or photos and manips. No real suicide is meant here.
17 members, led by KIVIFLIKI - updated 4 day(s) ago
So to keep your membership data spacious, feel free to POST HERE your FANTASY, IDEAS, IMAGES, GIFS & NET PICKS of females having PAINT and/or INK on their naked body topic. ;-)
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