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441 members, led by Arbab - updated 5 day(s) ago
چطور از کشتن لذت ببریم
496 members, led by El Fusilamiento - updated 5 day(s) ago
A group for those who appreciate execution by firing squad.
242 members, led by Tom - updated 5 day(s) ago
Femdom Petplay Deutschsprachige Rollenspiel und Kopfkino Group. Weibliche "Züchtertinnen" gerne willkommen -Männer als Tiere von Damen gehalten -Entfuehrung+Versklavung -Stallhaltung -Zwangsentsamung/ Milking -Kastration/Schlachtung/Verarbeitung
167 members, led by Burning Fox - updated 5 day(s) ago
Burning woman - burning dress - no bonfire
169 members, led by DrNick Rivera - updated 5 day(s) ago
This is a place for Dark Fetish Models professionel or non professionel which will allow them to introduce themselves to producers fotographers and people looking for sm play partners for show or private. They can show their portofolios. This will also be a place for people who will help me to ...
49 members, led by TLok17 - updated 6 day(s) ago
Character Bio: LarinaVonMer Resident | What I have become: \"Preserved pleasure corpse. Unmoving, unresisting, ultimate submissive, reacting only to sexual pleasure, producing postmortem sexual responses/orgasm. A Dead recepticle, A sexy slutty cadaver, I am yours to use as you see fit. When...
867 members, led by Schrott - updated 6 day(s) ago
Frauen und Mädchen, welche wir gern am Galgen hängen sehen würden. Woman and girls, made for the gallow.
611 members, led by Street_lyte - updated 6 day(s) ago
For anyone who likes to see women take one to the head, with great deathstares as well. This group is also for fans of all kinds of shootings, so please join if you like women eating hot lead! Photos and videos will be be continuously added, but since this group is completely open, feel free to...
533 members, led by EatMyFeet Eat(my)feet - updated 6 day(s) ago
A group for footcannibals or others who prefer only foot flesh and for their victims. You would like to torture, to disassemble and possibly eat female or male feet. Or you like to have this done on your own feet. You’d like to tie your victim before using different tools for torture, for cutti...
806 members, led by Andy Rupp - updated 6 day(s) ago
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