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1129 members, led by Galgenbursche - updated 6 day(s) ago
Es gibt zwar schon eine Gruppe speziell für deutsche Mitglieder, allerdings fehlt mir dabei eine Gruppe speziell für Asphyx-Liebhaber. Hier kann alles rein, was mit Hängen, Bagging und sonstiger Atemlosigkeit zu tun hat, ebenso soll diese Gruppe als Anlaufpunkt für jene deutschsprachigen Mitg...
316 members, led by DrNick Rivera - updated 6 day(s) ago
This is a place for Dark Fetish Models professionel or non professionel which will allow them to introduce themselves to producers fotographers and people looking for sm play partners for show or private. They can show their portofolios. This will also be a place for people who will help me to ...
198 members, led by Trojan Horse - updated 6 day(s) ago
This group is for those who either presently have STD's or are actively seeking STD's. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or STD status. While contracting HIV is the aim of most 'Bug Chasers', there are other STD's such as: syphilis,...
75 members, led by Nightliner - updated 6 day(s) ago
Eating by hungry Animals
80 members, led by Nightliner - updated 6 day(s) ago
für alle die Füsse zum ( Fressen ) gerne haben!
149 members, led by Honaw6 - updated 6 day(s) ago
This is a group for those into fantasy fights between female and male warriors.swords and knives,spears and arrows.It is also for those into roleplaying this fantasy.
1212 members, led by Weide - updated 6 day(s) ago
A group for men who fantasise about being cruelly killed by beautiful women. Mainly by hanging or strangling. Please only F/m stuff. Other posts will be deleted.
198 members, led by Electrolovegirl - updated 6 day(s) ago
3D art, manipulations, compositions of electro-torture, electrocutions, electro-stim, anything electricity.
5 members, led by Rey - updated 7 day(s) ago
A group for microphilia, the love of tiny people. This is specifically geared towards gay men, and mostly for tiny men in everyday scenarios or being tortured rather than massive giants. Do anything you want to them, evisceration, starvation, ameteur surgery, eat them, anything.
195 members, led by Fussschlachter - updated 7 day(s) ago
Diese Gruppe soll ein Treffpunkt für Leute sein, die wie ich davon träumen, ihre Füße oder Teile davon langsam und Stück für Stück zerlegen zu lassen oder die Füsse anderer zu zerlegen, egal ob männlich oder weiblich. Die Motivation kann sadistischer/masochistischer, kannibalistischer o...
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