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394 members, led by KOS420 - updated 4 day(s) ago
This group is for those (women or men) who have been thinking about or have decided that they want (or need) to be slowly and agonzingly tortured to death. And for those sadists who have the fantasy to torture a willing victim to death..especially if the victim changes her/ his mind after the tor...
487 members, led by HJ Granger - updated 4 day(s) ago
A group for the discussion, creation, and possible RP of Deadly Gameshows and other Programming on the Terminal-TV Network. This group has existed in various forms on Yahoo and FetLife no less than 6 times and was deleted causing the loss of 4 of my accounts. At various times we had as many...
359 members, led by CHRISTIAN PARIS - updated 4 day(s) ago
morts nus et offert
139 members, led by Ins Herz - updated 4 day(s) ago
Heart stabbing, bullets in the heart, heart punching...
98 members, led by Jacky / Mary Lou - updated 4 day(s) ago
Groups of girls dead or dying with their friends and comrades.Be one of them if your girl enough.
548 members, led by PESCUEZOS - updated 4 day(s) ago
About beautiful women to be executed in any form, such as BEHEADING, HANGING, SHOOTING, GARROTE, or any other way
115 members, led by Picard Csj - updated 4 day(s) ago
This gallery will contain the major part of my drawings and illustrations. I am very addicted on Dolcett themes, snuff and BDSM. I would be grateful for any captions or comments
125 members, led by Leather Lover Killer - updated 4 day(s) ago
This is a group for all things leather, from gloves to boots. Feel free to join, use and tag anything you like.
537 members, led by Revy - updated 4 day(s) ago
Just general pissing. Girls peeing. Girls peeing on girls. Girls peeing on men. Men peeing on girls. Peeing in public before your killer, being forced to pee, getting caught peeing or even seductively peeing! Anything peeing!
113 members, led by Tanya - updated 5 day(s) ago
Ball Gags, Penis Gags, Harness Gags, Tape Gags, Mouth Filling Gags, Ring Gags, Dental Gags etc... Whatever gag it is, it belongs here. Must be a bondage type gag, not a cock in the mouth type gag, I'll delete those... Also feel free to discuss your favourite type of gags and where you have b...
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