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3499 members, led by Kinslayer - updated 7 day(s) ago
For all of you who enjoy hanging as a form of execution. All hanging methods will be discussed here - the long drop, the medium drop, the short drop and the suspension (string up) method. This group is for both "hangmans" and those who fantasize about being hanged by the neck. The group...
1678 members, led by ☠ Revy ☠ - updated 7 day(s) ago
A group for those into the fantasy of women giving up their clits. ((This group does not intend to have anyone actually harm themselves in real life. People miss the word FANTASY above. Play responsibly!))
534 members, led by Dug - updated 7 day(s) ago
Death from heavy blood loss...either from being shot.stabbed or throat slit mainly. serious hard core trauma injuries welcome long as it appears the victum died of massive blood loss.
103 members, led by Clyde - updated 8 day(s) ago
Focus on - wide eyes - Please don't take it personally if I delete some pictures . I'll just want big eyes pictures . For every kind of different pictures there are several of other groups hope to get a big collection. Have fun ;-)
215 members, led by Be Prenn - updated 8 day(s) ago
Here we crucify each other.., Do you want to be nailed to a cross?? Will jemand mich kreuzigen? Oder selbst leiden??
312 members, led by Patrick - updated 8 day(s) ago
a group for everyone that loves fisting and everything around it
321 members, led by DrNick Rivera - updated 8 day(s) ago
This is a place for Dark Fetish Models professionel or non professionel which will allow them to introduce themselves to producers fotographers and people looking for sm play partners for show or private. They can show their portofolios. This will also be a place for people who will help me to ...
18 members, led by Luridpix - updated 8 day(s) ago
Selection procedures for selecting girls to be snuffgirls and for selecting snuffgirls suitable for particular snuff methods or the right snuffgirls for particular uses such as snuff sex, snuff modeling, or snuff movies. Interviews, auditions, competitions, quests, questionnaires, tests of abili...
13 members, led by Maurus69 - updated 8 day(s) ago
Auch Menschen sind nur Tiere. Bevorzugt Frauen Fleisch. Sprich offen darüber. Der Gedanke wie das Fleisch wohl Schmeckt, erregt, Verspürst du auch diese Lust? In der Fantasie ist alles erlaubt nicht aber Real..
410 members, led by Kantar - updated 8 day(s) ago
Nachfolgegruppe von Mädels und Frauen werden - gekidnapped - versklavt und abgerichtet - brutal verhört - erniedrigt - bei Ungehorsam schwer bestraft vorzugsweise Pulloverträgerinnen und Sweatergirls. Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar unter den Bilde...
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