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206 members, led by Revy - updated 5 day(s) ago
Chat about hardware, upgrades, gaming, machines, technology or even if you need support! Unleash your inner nerd and geek self and have fun :)
93 members, led by Whore Torturer - updated 5 day(s) ago
Find; Lure; Rape; Torture and Gets just What We Want; delivering the defenseless prey to its' last moment, after enjoying the pleasure of its' flesh and draining all purpose from its' Lifeless carcass .....Celebrating the handiwork of Glatman, Bianchi & Buono, Bundy,...
1021 members, led by Mike X. - updated 5 day(s) ago
This group is intended to fill the void the old gutting group left after it was deleted. Lovers of intestines, gather here to share your gory fantasies!
37 members, led by Headcollector - updated 5 day(s) ago
Ez a csoport a DFN magyar tagjainak lett létrehozva kizárólagosság nélkül. Mindenkinek jó szórakozást és kellemes ismerkedést. This group is created for Hungarian members of DFN without restriction of course. Have fun and enjoy meeting new people.
100 members, led by Mr. Stickytape - updated 5 day(s) ago
this is all about zombies: zombie art or having sex with zombies or zombie pin-up and what you find erotic if zombies are involved. you can upload funny pictures too :o)
392 members, led by Button Muncher - updated 5 day(s) ago
This group is for everyone with a bellybutton fetish, with everything from a mundane, general interest, to extreme dark interests, to wildly fantastical dreams of their bellybutton pleasures!
152 members, led by Burning Fox - updated 5 day(s) ago
Burning woman - burning dress - no bonfire
686 members, led by Raven - updated 5 day(s) ago
This group is for men being hanged/strangled by men, and being (sexually) abused before and during their hanging/strangling. Art, photos, stories, all are welcome. Please be aware that they should all include *men*, not women (there's another group for that). All are welcome. :)
4 members, led by Abusethrill - updated 6 day(s) ago
Group for nasty sissies and sissy lovers. For those that get off on total feminization, Sissy hypnosis, humilation, blackmail, forced submission, and extreme abuse given to worthless and helpless sissies. Share pictures and fantasies!
525 members, led by Jonus Vilianious - updated 6 day(s) ago
A group for fans of the macabre art of sawing women in half. Be it magic or murder. Villains and victims alike are welcome to join and share their fantasies.
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